THLDF has a board comprised of hemp attorneys who have clients who wanted to contribute to an effort like THLDF with appropriate oversight and efficiencies. Funds raised will only be dispersed when the board agrees to do so and only for projects the board has previously agreed serve THLDFs goals. Donors and partner organizations will have access to records of expenditures to ensure effective use of funds. Any strategic partnerships with other organizations will be governed by memorandums of understanding documenting shared goals, obligations, and oversight mechanisms.

Trial on the “smokable hemp” ban was held March 22, 2021, and the court may rule any day on the permanent injunction. Any ruling will no doubt be appealed. While efforts have been largely victorious, there’s a long road of litigation ahead. Donate. Spread the word. The whole of the Texas hemp industry should come together to support this fight!

THLDF’s strategic allies

THLDF has entered a memorandum of understanding with Texas Hemp Growers Network. THG raised funds to support litigation challenging the Texas Smokable Hemp Ban then joined forces with THLDF. Both THLDF and THG will continue to raise funds to support this litigation.

How else will THLDF funds be spent?

A small portion of funds raised will be spend on administrative costs (legal, accounting, and communication). Funds not spent on Crown Distributing LLC v. DSHS will be reserved for future challenges to other unwarranted provisions or illegal acts by the State of Texas and its regulators, including harassment under criminal laws of hemp industry participants, as well as legislative or administrative efforts to improve the regulatory regime for the Texas hemp industry.